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intelligentsolar controllerintelligentsolar controller
Products Intro:

Name:Separated under-pressure controller instrumentation

Number:SC-868C1 Controller

Time display: 24 hours display time clock.
Temperature display: display T1、T2、T3、T4.
Temperature difference controlled circulation on/off.
Temperature controlled auxiliary heating during three time section.
Time and Temperature controlled hot water circulation pump.
Frost protection of tank at high temperature:
(1) Protection of tank at high temperature.
(2) "℃/F" conversion display Memory protection when power is failure.

Technique data
Display dimension:120mm×120mm×18mm
Use power supply:AC220V±10%
Self power consumption:<3W
Measuring accuracy of temperature:±2℃
Temperature range of measurement:0-120℃
Suitable power of pump:<600W
Power of auxiliary electrical booster:≤2000W Water protection grade:IP41

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