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Solar light will illuminate the future of Japan's energy

 After the Fukushima incident, Japan's gradual transformation to a non-nuclear-weapon states. Nuclear energy gradually be frozen, the solar light will illuminate the Japanese energy future. On August 29, Japan's Softbank and Japan's Mitsui company plans to build the installed capacity amounted to 39.5 megawatts of photovoltaic power stations, which will probably become solar collector the largest photovoltaic power plant in Japan. The signing ceremony was held in Tokyo on the 29th. This photovoltaic power plant covers an area of 53.4 hectares of land, will be completed in June next year, operators can ensure the supply needs of the 11,000 residents.

    Investment Advisor in the new energy industry researcher Chen Hongwen that the development of the domestic photovoltaic industry is severely hampered, currently being subjected to the EU "test" could be safe to cross the border remains to be seen. Japan's PV industry has "the West does not shine Dongfang Liang, worthy of our many successful experiences to learn from.

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