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the solar water heater industry protection policy

From the perspective of the world, countries, new energy sources, including solar, clean energy development and utilization of the intensity and the degree of attention can be described as growing. The data show that in 2011, despite the solar heater world economic turmoil, the impact of the financial crisis has been eliminated, countries are still unable to reach a global agreement to curb greenhouse gas emissions, global investment in clean energy increased 5% to a record 260 billion dollars. In 2011, global investment in solar energy rose by 36%, to $ 137 billion, accounting for more than half of the total investment in clean energy.

Domestically, the solar water heater industry protection policy, there have been many encouraging changes. This year alone, roughly three good New Deal. First, countries in all provinces except Xinjiang, Tibet full implementation of the residents of the price ladder,solar energy  in the long run this initiative prospective lead role in promoting the development of the solar industry; Second, subsidies for energy-saving appliances, solar water heaters obvious tilt. The new round of 26.5 billion yuan national energy-saving appliances subsidy policy, the solar water heater subsidies accounted for more than 15% to reach 40 billion yuan, gas water heaters, electric water heaters do not enjoy this "treatment". Insiders pointed out that not only the solar water heater shortlisted companies will directly benefit more yet short-listed companies will accelerate the pace of technological upgrading, and embarked on the pursuit of quality rational development road; Third, the industry's own specification level is gradually improved. After a trial run home solar hot water system energy efficiency limited value and energy efficiency rating "will be started on September 1, it is predicted that there will be 15% -20% of the inefficient energy-intensive enterprises have been eliminated.
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