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iPV solar tracking system to improve power generation efficiency of 30% to 50%

    Innovative patented product on the positive energy (TOPPER SUN) iPV solar tracking system (iPV Tracker), show the precise tracking technology, the actual testing can improve the efficiency of solar power up to 30% -50%, and reduce solar collector overall prices, making this system a launch that is the great praise by the market, immediately received from domestic customers issued orders in recent 300KW. Recent international oil prices continue to float, and summer electricity consumption and electricity prices have reached an annual peak of depreciation costs an average of five hours of effective sunshine over the region for 25 years amortization calculation, per unit power generation cost less than NT $ 2 per clean energy power generation system, is undoubtedly a key factor in attracting industry investment.

    Photovoltaic chairman Luo Jiaqing pointed out that recent Northern Hemisphere transfer record heat waves, the annual summer temperatures continue to break through to new highs, the timely introduction of iPV solar tracking system (iPV Tracker), solar power green energy vision depth extended to every country, help regional practice and improve their lives, protect the earth "philosophy has begun to ferment. The forecast this year, the market demand of the degree of solar tracking system will be considerable. Especially iPVTracker quality, technology, safety and cost-effectiveness, the respective fields a considerable competitive advantage. Believe that the integration of high-quality system components and the unique patented technology, as well as custom system design services on the positive energy (TOPPER SUN), has standing waves of riding the waves forward.
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