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Comprehensive utilization of solar energy building the first class saemaul undong demonstration

      China has become the world for three consecutive years first big photovoltaic products manufacturing countries, the output of photovoltaic products accounted for 50% of the world total, but our pv products in foreign markets, more than 90% of the work. solar heater "China enterprise should be looking for new growth point photovoltaic, national energy board formulated the new and renewable energy plan, going to the new five-year plan of the national construction in 1000 solar demonstration village. Part of the provinces have to try, the beautiful scenery of jiangxi also should build a comprehensive comprehensive utilization of new energy investigation." Council of jiangxi province in China in the written statement said.
      China council think of jiangxi province, our province should speed up the construction of the national first-class comprehensive utilization of solar energy demonstration village, "can choose poyang lake is an important part of ecological economic zone-the only new energy technology, by adopting the xin city planning, investment in the country, the largest solar built comprehensive utilization of the demonstration village."
      The content of the demonstration village including solar energy is very wide, as in all the house, the hotel demonstration village, restaurants etc. All put solar water heater; Construction solar room, solar greenhouse animal breeding, the solar-thermal power generation (tower system), solar photovoltaic power generation system use, etc. solar energy Jiangxi China council suggest, the provincial government authorized by the xin municipal government, in the context of combined with the new rural construction, the demonstration village with a priority traffic convenience, the layout neat, building compact, good social fashion, has the certain collective financial resources, the villagers life well-off, population size of about 1000 large and medium-sized village is advisable.
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