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Solar pv industry "light" road of the transportation of the industrial transformation

      Only the size of the palm of a solar energy, working for a new industry grow into the constant flow of energy. In transportation, with a number of key project start and put into production, and solar photovoltaic this a sunrise industry, drive the local industrial economic transformation and upgrade, scientific development.
      A few days ago, east sunshine company with annual output of one hundred thousand tons of high purity silicon project, ground-broken in transportation, marking the transportation of the twelve years in the enterprise, a foray into solar pv industry.
      The transportation of the sun of the office of the company GuoJun: "finally make one hundred thousand tons of high purity silicon, fifty thousand tons of polysilicon, ten thousand tons of monocrystalline silicon, forming a complete solar industry chain."
      High purity silicon, polycrystalline silicon, is the production of solar battery, the components of the product, the east sunshine new project start, let with the transportation of the new energy company kyushu fangyuan encouraging. The production of solar battery products of the company all of postpartum, every year, need to use 8000 tons of polysilicon, future can in east sunshine company came near to the procurement, to enterprises to better control the production cost.
      Fangyuan new energy company chairman kyushu ZhangChongChao: "directly affect the photovoltaic power generation, solar heater now a decline in the cost of polysilicon material is 20 one thousand tons, if it to 150000, five years after (pv) power electricity generating electricity price is the same with coal, using the power of the photovoltaic power station is very popular."
      The product schedule to upstream and downstream of the industrial chain effective docking, see the future of BaoTuan enterprise development, kyushu fangyuan new energy companies to speed up the pace of technological innovation, seizes the market confidence and strength more satisfied. Now in kyushu fangyuan new energy company, on average every minute, have 14 pieces of solar cells was born, weekly production more than 40 ten thousand piece of battery, export to Europe, the Middle East.
Kyushu fangyuan company production single crystal a factory director ZhanWenPing: "at present our company production of solar cells in the 18.7% of the light from the sun, can convert into electricity, this technology is currently in the domestic and international is in the lead, it also make us the company this year the production orders continuously."
      Have the sun, kyushu like east fangyuan such key enterprise strong support, the solar pv industry in the transportation of the development and growth are growing. To "1025" the final, YiDouShi solar pv industry output value, will break 30 billion yuan, solar energy accounting for a quarter of the total local industrial economy, transportation will also be the most domestic scale solar photovoltaic industry base.
      The municipal party committee secretary of transportation of the ZhuangGuangMing: "solar pv industry it every year there are many technical ascension, the introduction of these projects, is targeting strong enterprise, product, is the industry on the inside of the highest standards of technical team, so we speak, transportation of the transition and development across development is the only way, pays special attention to the photovoltaic industry is one of the few years we focus."
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