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Russia solar development environment becomes mature

      When countries enterprise flocking to sprint solar energy capacity at the same time, Russia is just chose to calmly, as the country sit to hug the rich natural gas and oil resources, to solar energy, wind power and other renewable energy attitude always cold, but with the policy decision makers and enterprise to increase the understanding of the solar energy industry, 2012 on possible shifts in.
Coal-fired power, nuclear power plants rising cost, people for new energy requirements also become more urgent, relative to Europe, Russia start later, 2007 years before the first through the relevant law, build a solar power plant 1. But according to Russian solar association President Anton Usachev, said the Russian government and enterprise in the industry of solar energy for the long-term growth prospects in fact quite interested.
      Such as Russia Lu koil oil company in 2011 was $4 million investment in Bulgaria build solar power plant, the company is also planning and the Asian Development Bank (Asian Development Bank) cooperation, in uzbekistan open new construction project. In addition, Russia's state-owned enterprise Rusnano total investment, $1 billion factory, solar heater  local polysilicon Nitol Solar companies are also involved. And the local government is joint north Caucasus private enterprise to build solar silicon valley, that is expected to happen in 2 years can investment recovery.
      The above example shows, more and more capital strength of the Russian large enterprise think, investment in the industry of solar energy is a very good business strategy.
      Russia's land area ranked first, excellent geographical conditions, southern Siberia, and coastal regions of the Zabaikalsky krays and the far east sunshine quite a long time and can be almost and Italy, Germany to rival, these areas can't with the national power grid touch, just to solar plants provide free scattering the space, with no restrictions, power grid built area of concern system integration, construction project can be finished in a short time, a short time back to this, and an effective solution to the local energy supply problems.
      According to the country's energy experts Marat Zaks estimates, Russia has 30% of the land can be    used to develop solar energy, generating capacity is expected to overtake German potential.
But industry analysts Dmitry Terekhov remind, although the solar energy future do not set limit to, but now most russians or preference fossil energy, because the local solar power price is 1.5 times higher than the traditional energy  He stressed that the solar energy future depends on technology development, if scientists are able to improve the efficiency of existing battery power generation, and reduce the production cost, the solar energy will naturally in Russia occupies a large market share.
Experts predict that the solar industry in Russia in 2012 second half will have more action, including the start of new projects, the reconstruction of old power plants, and in more foreign investment.
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