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Ningbo promotion solar building integrated wide prospect

      In recent years, in total energy consumption of building energy consumption in proportion to increase, and the relevant departments according to statistics, at present ningbo building energy consumption of zhuhai's total energy consumption rates as high as 27%.
      In order to solve this problem, the Chinese people's political consultative conference, zanu-pf ningbo city councils all along the deputy chairman pan a red date in after in-depth research points out, the solar energy is a kind of renewable clean energy, will the large-scale development in the 21 st century, if can make full use of solar energy in construction field, can develop remarkable energy saving effect. Hence, to realize the integration of solar building, should be in the future development of the urban and rural building one of the important direction.
Promotion solar energy is a trend
      Pan a red members said for the realization of "1025" energy and emission reduction goals, realize ecological civilization and sustainable economic and social development, and to promote the use of renewable energy sources such as solar is a big trend.
      At present the masses in daily life the use of solar water heater, adopt heater etc, solar energy into heat energy is to use them. Statistics show that in 2009 the national solar water heater and hot water system collection hot area 145 million square meters. According to the market price of the ordinary coal to calculate, equivalent to save 22.5 billion yuan; solar heater According to commercial use electricity to calculate the average market price, equivalent to save 56 billion yuan. Meanwhile, the 145 million square meters of collection hot area, one year May 44.51 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.
      To set a ShuaiKang warmth and photoelectric "sunshine apartment" two buildings for example, its solar-thermal systems a year can save electricity 107000 degrees, and photovoltaic energy installed capacity of about 113 KWP, the average electricity for 135600 degrees, power saving, power generation has a total of 240000 degrees, according to 20 years of service life, the traditional energy saving the quantity is also a quite astonishing Numbers.
      Solar energy development and utilization of space is very large
      Solar building integrated including solar-thermal building integrated photovoltaic and building integrated, they were to show will the solar-thermal products and pv product integration to the building, make full use of building outside surface, install multiple sunlight, (pv) power products, solar energy into heat and power to use them. Realize the solar-thermal, building integrated photovoltaic and, it is to let the solar energy further into building in, realize the solar energy and the depth of the building combined.
"Our city is located in the northern latitude 30 °, and average sunshine time in nearby in 1850 hours, use of solar energy good condition. But now the town of energy-saving building most is not old buildings, in addition to some of the new village, town other than most village especially old district so far no unified planning and overall use of solar energy, building use solar energy work isn't popular, so a big space development and utilization of solar energy." Pan a red committee said.
Actively promote solar building integration
      "1025" during the energy conservation and emission reduction task is arduous, should make full use of our city lighting conditions, solar energy further accelerate the pace of development and utilization of solar energy, and promote the solar energy application of building integrated.
      Pan a red committee suggested, to coordinate relevant parties, construction of solar energy and building integrated model project; To provisions in a planned urban area above the county building, rebuilding or expansion of 12 and under residential building and focus on the hot water supply of public buildings, must be applied the solar-thermal systems, and with a building design and construction; Government agencies of government investment of the construction of the building and construction should take the lead in using the solar energy light heat and photovoltaic system; The government department of public building and construction of urban and rural infrastructure, in the medium and long term planning to make solar photovoltaic system built on photovoltaic power ratio, and replace the traditional coal, rate of progress goal; The government of enterprises' independent use photovoltaic system should be encouraged and rewards.
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