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      For the domestic solar energy water heater sector, shuffling become just the past 2011 years the market the most popular keywords, and technical innovation is expected to be 2012 years of the development of the market before reporters in the interview keywords to understand, since the end of, the four seasons' song, the emperor bright, from linuo rhett, sun treasure, brilliant, tongji sunshine, haier, tsinghua sunshine enterprise in the completed industrial upgrading and capacity expansion, with the power of technology innovation in product, successively around the city market, engineering market, industrial market launched content networking solar, solar energy, wall hung fission automatic intelligent control solar energy and so on the new products, in 2011 is expected to promote the domestic solar energy water heater market competition upgrade transformation. Market shuffle: dangerous in captivity "in 2009, to the country by the home appliance, market demand at policy, a series of positive, solar energy water heater to promote enterprise number surged to many 5000. However, in the 2010 years later, with the policy driving effect abate, market decline in demand, appeared on the market more than 1500 enterprise the closure. The industry is very competitive."
      A few days ago, some industry members said in an interview, "years through ups and downs of the market competition, it is not hard to see as long as is the core technology with enterprise will one day be no technology of outbreaks of enterprise can only get temporary prosperity, one day will be torn down."
China resources comprehensive utilization association, director of committee of renewable energy ZhuJunSheng also said, "in 2010, the industry had market reshuffle, this shows that industry development needs to be further looking for new growth mode and growth path."
      Since last year, the solar energy water heater industry in China in industry reshuffle, rural, urban markets decline in demand for sluggish. However, the four seasons' song, from linuo rhett, haier enterprise, through the technological innovation implement market differentiation product segment, concentrated with the power engineering, industrial enterprise city market hot water system and other fields, and has obtained the remarkable effect. solar heater The general manager of the GuanJinGuo tongji solar energy that, since 2010, the domestic solar hot water engineering order appeared 2-3 times the high growth, the enterprise in the future market competition opens up a new growth space and way of thinking. Product innovation: the industry's future since November 2010, the domestic leading enterprise takes the lead in open a "technology innovation to promote product upgrades" of the new revolution industry. The four seasons since the song a fully automatic bathing in the solar energy water heater market popularity big behind the scenes, once again things "networking" means to intelligent inductive control technology with its new thing networking solar energy water heater. At the same time, SangLe, brilliant, Yang hua enterprises have also send force fully automatic solar energy water heater.
      Strength promise, the emperor bright, TaiYangYu enterprises in the overall layout of high temperature solar energy water heater. Compared with ordinary water heater, high temperature in the main products for industrial enterprise production. At present domestic first solar energy solar-thermal power projects already in Beijing landed, solar energy the emperor bright becomes one important technical cooperation partner. And the high temperature strength promise in the technology in complete technical achievements project appraisal, well sold. Sun treasure is send force solar health technology, launched a domestic first UV disinfection technology health solar energy product, and is expected to be a 2011 domestic the solar-thermal healthy industrial revolution.
      In addition, there are many enterprises to promote industrial upgrading of the space, but also to the solar-thermal primarily, accessory air can heat pump products, more energy technology products fusion. Tongji sunshine, haier, emperor, wanbao etc, especially enterprises have layout air can heat pump water heater, so as to realize the integration of industry development.
      To this, LuoYunJun also said, "in the past two years, a lot of enterprises around the market share for development is blundering, ignored the product innovation of technology investment. Since this year, a large number of leading enterprises have turned to the product technology innovation, to push through updating and upgrading of products and exciting new market. It will help the industry's future development and growth."
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