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Let beauty and benefit a win-win situation

      Although 2011 solar thermal utilization industry some cold, but the star advocacy and star enterprise marketing activity is still hot. 2011 years is more active enterprise have yuan rises, the temple, heat, and heat and so on enterprise.
      In the solar thermal utilization industry, because the star endorsements and make the brand value of the largest rise when the yuan rose enterprise solar energy. Film and television star fan bingbing since 2006 for yuan up endorsements after four years and 4 s agreement signed said, speak so long time, fan bingbing seems to show a rise to label 11 solar energy. Yuan rise for solar energy as fan bingbing popular, but also because of fan bingbing products are more consumers cognitive, yuan rise to achieve a truly beautiful wins with the benefit.
      In 2011, the merchant of large activity, LiuXiaoLingTong playing rate is quite high. It is reported, merchant and LiuXiaoLingTong sign for nine years in endorsement contracts. 2011 "51" period, "and took a photo enjoy preferential superstar shock" as the theme, "the merchant to LiuXiaoLingTong Thanksgiving feedback line", respectively in henan, shandong and jiangsu shangqiu biomass fuel peixian county, the headquarters of the curtain. solar heater Taking advantage of the temple LiuXiaoLingTong good audience of good luck and great influence, "51" promotion activities perfect receive an official. "11" period, LiuXiaoLingTong also attended in hubei province of liaoning province, the temple YiDouShi jilin province of jilin city and on the series, and public benefit activities. A LiuXiaoLingTong playing, 2011 merchant marketing actions are almost reach the expected effect.
      October 18, 2011, chengdu and thermal solar hosted the "whole, called" theme conference. And the solar energy in hot won the "attestation of Chinese environment mark", "international standard product approval certificate" both after award, in order to express the energy conservation and environmental protection and love of the invitation bashu smile a star FengJie ('m chicken) and solar heat as long-term, aims to create healthy energy saving brand solar energy.
      In May 2010, the heat with an imposing the countryside solar home appliance brand, invited the TV series "country love" in XieDaJiao actor in month devotion to the endorsement. In the month in the northeastern well-known, the heat also aims to create the first brand northeast solar energy, both sides agree with degrees higher. In 2011, the heat with its own brand strength and in month of the endorsement, gradually expand market share, solar energy the first brand to the northeast solar launched a strong impact.
      Entertainment marketing is in recent years in solar thermal utilization industry a new marketing. Solar thermal utilization industry of entertainment marketing at present mainly displays in please stars, please local spokesperson celebrities or star JieQingRi promotion activities and enterprises do a troupe three models of culture. Culture DaTai, economic act in an opera, enterprise hope that through the star celebrity effect, consumers will of the stars feeling of love into products to the feeling of love, and promote sales, occupy a bigger share of the market. Among them, choice entertainment star as the image spokesperson of the majority, with entertainment to build solar brand has become the first choice of many solar energy company, with the way to promote entertainment marketing sales of solar energy water heater in is staged continuously.
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