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The solar energy industry "solar-thermal demonstration project" blossom everywhere

      Our country "the solar-thermal demonstration project" blossom everywhere, many local governments push solar demonstration projects, and even forced building installation and use of solar energy water heater, in 2009, the solar energy water heater also be incorporated into the "home appliance to the country" policy. However, this a series of policy measures did not get the result of expect.
      Engaged in building industry is very clear, especially in building high-rise buildings installing and using solar thermal utilization equipment is not imagine that simple. The solar energy water heater to the building if use, it must be in the design and manufacture according to building codes, service life must be able to guarantee. But instead, the solar energy water heater is durable consumer goods, use scattered, own structure and technical features decided that it is difficult to building and especially with building, especially in the city building architecture is not suitable for use, including both safety, and quality problem, more influence ShiMao city appearance. Especially the full glass tube solar energy water heater in the north winter use low temperature limit problems still exist.
      In fact, the real city of promotion in more another solar-thermal product is "solar central heating device".
"Solar central heating device" is in the solar energy water heater technology developed on the basis of, although it also belongs to the low temperature solar thermal utilization products, but it from the beginning of the design to meet architectural requirements and building codes, so in recent years is developing very quickly.
      The author thinks that, the government implement "the solar-thermal demonstration" the purpose is to realize the energy conservation and emission reductions, are designed to promote the use of renewable energy, therefore, the selected solar-thermal demonstration projects should have identification effect, has the promotion, can be replicated role. "Solar-thermal demonstration" isn't just a few sets installed solar water heater, installing a few solar photovoltaic board, should according to the particularity of the solar energy and the technical characteristic and warmth products local actual condition to implement "the solar-thermal demonstration",solar heater avoid by all means is blindness, more should not formalism. Obviously, forced asks to install solar energy water heater is wrong, and science, standard to install and use the solar energy of central heating device, and promote the solar energy water heater in the rural areas should be given the policy support and encouragement, through which improve energy conservation, emissions reduction and renewable energy use proportion, improving farmers' life. In a word, we should be based on the solar-thermal product features and applicable object to formulate policy.
      Of course, there are also include treat correctly small and medium-sized enterprise production of solar water heater products. This one is the main reason, at present our country the solar energy water heater production parts highly professional, hot water tank, specification, valves, and even they have special rack manufacturer manufacture, assembly processing is easy, market entry threshold is not high, do not need to develop professional investment production line, therefore, though the government support small but fast development. In a certain sense, the solar energy water heater only simple assembly combination, some small and medium-sized enterprise as long as buy these parts assembly, affix their brand, and have the professional personnel to users to install use.
      In addition, professional solar energy water heater factory (self-sustaining, perfect) and small businesses of the sales price scattered assembly difference is very big. What is more, some big enterprise since yu "elegant", adhere to the "high" sales model, in the product after problems, the service also can't keep up, always draws the consumer complaints. Instead, the more local small business distance as close to the consumer, after-sales service is convenient, cheap price, the small and medium-sized enterprise solar water heater in small towns and rural relative competitive, and the professional technology level though relatively high, but the price is high, the service is poor, in rural market will lose competitiveness. This is also the solar energy water heater in home appliances benefit countryside policy of the few important reasons.
      Indeed, we can't deny that solar energy water heater warmth is an important part of the industry, although not be capital market value, but it is for our country's energy conservation and emission reduction made outstanding contributions. There's no doubt. It is worth noting that, in our country, belong to the sunlight of solar thermal power generation and industry solar industry thermal utilization industry but have not developed. Obviously, all of the perception of the two products are relatively low, and even in popular science phase, that for some time, the solar energy water heater became the solar-thermal industry pronoun.
      "Solar thermal power generation" in the solar-thermal industry belongs to the solar energy utilization technology of high temperature, and solar energy water heater belong to low temperature heat using technology, the technical content is very different. Since 2006 the United States Nevada number one groove solar thermal power station has established, solar thermal power generation technology to get back into the people's perspective, become to European and American countries new and renewable energy development focus.
      According to ShangPu consulting disclosure, by the end of 2010, global already combined solar-thermal power-generation total capacity has reached 1.27 GW, under the installed capacity of 1.93 GW, planning the installed capacity of 17.53 GW, among them with the European and American countries give priority to. To predict, 2020 global solar thermal power-generation total amount of 42 GW, coming time each year to 4 GW construction scale will; In 2030, the total amount of up to 200 GW installed.
      June 1, 2011, the national "issued by the industrial structure adjustment guidance catalogue (2011)" officially implemented in the encouraged new guideline catalogue of new energy categories, the solar-thermal power generation is in the outstanding position. In fact, as the solar-thermal power generation demonstration project "tower solar thermal power station" in 2006 has been listed in the national 863 plan, investment has nearly two, the original plan of the concluding at the end of 2010, and now can't power generation. Due to technical route choice error, solar energy the demonstration role has disappeared. Including finished at the beginning of the tender ordos [14.08-1.12% shares it research report] "groove solar thermal power station demonstration projects", and as the bidding price competition, does not bring applause but more questioning. Before this, many GuoZiHao power investment company and enterprise have flocked to abroad, not a few look, "introducing" plans are not a few, took five years have not been successful cases. And hold the mature technology of foreign enterprise then dorigo, in we have not yet awake in our country have to apply for a patent, set barriers. What's more, our technology changed as their own technology apply for patent. It is because of "solar-thermal power" is a strategic renewable energy technology, therefore, foreign real control of this technology enterprise and no technology transfer will, and some not mature solar thermal power generation technology pass away the sham as the genuine in China in succession, lead to have a cooperation agreement with their domestic enterprise out yesterday.
      In fact, have been in Beijing tianzhu industrial park of continuous operation two years, all of the localization, have all independent intellectual property rights, the engineering "groove solar thermal power generation experiment device", although not included in the country's "solar-thermal demonstration project", but is really played a leading role of the logo. Also cause the attention of foreign counterparts, are to investigate exchange, traveling and our land.
      Our country is established "solar-thermal demonstration projects" should pay attention to the actual effect, the choice of technical route should also asked for a wide range of opinion, avoid by all means is a coax and up, beware into laughing stock. In the present, has certain influence of the solar energy water heater manufacturer should grab the opportunity, make full use of yourself some technology base, solar thermal power generation and actively involved in solar energy industry thermal utilization product research and development and manufacturing, through technical upgrade from those who have lost significant market competition in JiLiuYongTui, active in our country's energy strategy of influential, the new field of industry.
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