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The solar energy and the building integration is the future development direction

      ZhengHongFei think the solar energy and the building integration is the future direction. The data shows, China has become the world's largest producer and consumer of solar energy water heater, the total output of each year has more than 15 million square meters, more than 70% of the world total, every year by more than 25% speed heater   Due to the solar energy resources are extremely abundant, to install solar products construction area of increases, and the development and utilization of solar energy technology progress, solar building integration has obvious advantages in saving energy, more and more people prospects look good.
      China in the solar-thermal building integrated in some work. But the combination of solar energy collector and building or has the certain difficulty. Now with more of the plate is the solar energy water heater and vacuum tube solar energy collector, followed by air collector and photovoltaic and solar-thermal composite collector. The vacuum tube solar energy collector small, heat preservation heat effect, anti-freeze capability is energy  Flat type solar energy collector is suitable for solar building integration, the advantage is that shape is square, easy and building combined. Flat type solar energy collector of the defects in the winter when using thermal efficiency is not high, there is big, heat heat loss partial higher problem, need through science and technology innovation further solved.
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