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Jiaxing solar industry to go quality development way

      Recently, the solar energy industries association of jiaxing city held a session of five times the annual general meeting and BiaoZhangHui, the reporter understands, although early last year "haining quality door" event on industry caused great shock, but the solar enterprise contrarian fighting, the member of the enterprise total sales grew by an average 20%, SangLe, qiantangjiang, new house and enterprise value is auspicious exceeds one hundred million yuan. At the same time, in the domestic market is sluggish, the city's solar enterprise developing international market, 1 to October last year the export of solar water heater more than 20 ten thousand units, a 35.3% increase year-on-year. Some enterprise is BaoTuan layout western region, develop a larger market.
      "In 2012, will be the turning point of jiaxing solar energy industry, and it is a new start, solar thermal utilization industry to develop the field will be more. Our goal is this year the industry's output value reached 12 billion yuan." Solar energy industries association President of jiaxing city QiuPeiZhong, said last year on December 27, sichuan GuangYuan sichuan zhejiang industrial park five new energy Eva god glass tube no.1 boiler kiln ignition success, indicate the solar energy enterprise BaoTuan layout of jiaxing city west out of the solid the first step.
      Solar energy industry clusters of jiaxing in zhejiang new house auspicious electric appliance Co., LTD, zhejiang home solar energy Co., LTD. To the happiness in 2010 sichuan earthquake reconstruction of the two sides reach a consensus with support, decided to joint venture registered sichuan five new energy Co., LTD, her heater According to introducing, the company a phase of the project will be formed four tube kiln, and article 40 glass vacuum heat-collecting tube line, annual output of 100000 sets five doll brand solar energy water heater god scale.
      Sichuan post-disaster reconstruction, the government attached great importance to the low carbon ecological construction, and after four years of solar energy policy to promote countryside, people in favour of home solar water heater have add, buy enthusiasm. In recent years, a lot of the eastern region brand solar energy enterprises have to enter sichuan, seeing the huge market space is sichuan. And as a solar energy water heater engineering suppliers glass vacuum heat-collecting tube and glass tube, is not only the core parts is fragile, in sichuan local layout can greatly reduce logistics cost. "Jiaxing solar industry clusters related enterprise will keep pace in sichuan, forming a complete industrial chain." The solar industry association secretary-general xu ZhuLing said.
      "In fact, solar thermal utilization of the market foreground is very great, we must break the traditional ideas, from a single energy to the composite energy transformation, such as from home to the engineering development, from the low temperature, high temperature to expand from just used to wash bath to develop the field of air conditioning, from industry and agriculture applied to civil development." QiuPeiZhong in talking about the future development direction of jiaxing in the industry of solar energy, said.
      In fact, the city's many enterprises have begun to some new field attempt, and a success. Zhejiang, emperor's new energy Co., LTD. Has become a solar energy industry is recognized as one of the swimming pool solar water heating system experts, since 2010 the company proposed alternative energy strategy LC has already succeeded in domestic and international market has accumulated a batch of swimming pool solar water heating system aspects of the case, from solar hot water project of jiaxing stadium, haining swimming pool solar hot water engineering,solar energy  to the sports center solar hot water engineering, nanjing GaoChun national fitness center solar hot water engineering, and the recent signing aviation university swimming natatorium nanchang solar constant temperature system engineering, the company's engineering use solar energy production value almost doubled every year at the rate of growth.
      Haining home solar industry Co., LTD used in industrial and agricultural research and development of the heating air collector, realizes from how-water residential, agriculture, industry to provide the transformation of heat energy, is now guangxi, zhejiang many enterprises for tea, chrysanthemum, enamel-insulated wire, plastic and drying. At the same time, the company has set up a file and fujian, guangdong agricultural processing enterprise in a cooperation intention, used in country, litchi, the bamboo drying... Jiaxing solar industry only further standardize self-discipline, through the technological innovation, high-end market, go have quality, the path of sustainable development and to enhance "solar jiaxing made" reputation.
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