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In 4 years, the solar energy will gradually back to temperature

      Undeniable, 2011 was the most the twists and turns of unrest in the solar energy industry a year, near the year end much home in the next few years consulting company for the development of the industry made a prospect and prediction. Among them, IDC Energy viewpoint analysis company (IDC Energy Insights) to predict the solar industry has had received good news.
      IDC data rather exciting, it to the next four years solar energy market analysis, is expected to global shipments to the battery components in 2015 from the current 22.7 will rise to 43.8 watts auspicious auspicious watts.
      IDC points out, 2009-2010, solar energy market in Germany, the Czech republic, Italy and Spain and other European countries as the center, accounts for about 80% of global sales. But as the policy, subsidies and battery components price change, cell module market center will reversal from European transfer to the Asia Pacific region.
      Data showed that, by 2015, the region of the solar cell module shipment will share from 22.9% in 2011 to 49.3% to expand. Instead, the 2015 European shipment will share from 66.4% in 2011 to 38.7% narrowing.
      Market research company IHS iSuppli mid-december solar energy market report released, after 2009-2010 in the first two years after Germany 2011 lost its estimate of the world's top solar market position, and two unsuccessful, Italy was more than Germany is expected to win the top spot.
      IHS data showed that in 2011, the German solar power system installation quantity is expected to 7.4 in 2010 from auspicious tile, fell to 5.9 from auspicious tile, or 20%. Italy will from 3.6 in 2010 rose to 6.9 watts auspicious auspicious tile, almost double. In addition, in the U.S., to solar power system installation quantity of 2.7 auspicious tile,solar heater China is auspicious tile fourth in 1.7.
      Asia Pacific regions, especially in China and India, will be in the next few years more than European countries become the global solar modules in the most shipments. "Over the past year, the 2015 years to achieve the target from 5 to 10 auspicious auspicious tile improve tile, and it is possible for China to further increase in 2012 that goal." Energy analyst at IDC Ryan rees said.
      According to the American solar industry association (SEIA) and the renewable energy market Research institutions GTM Research company (GTM Research) new report, the solar energy system installed in the third quarter from the same period last year amount of 187.3 mw to jump 140% to a record high for 449 megawatts, and at the same time, more than 2009 years the installation of the entire annual amount.
      In fact, the American solar power system installation quantity swell mainly by the federal government to the influence of the 1603 plan, 1603 plan to expire on December 31, 2011, if the United States no longer extension, so installation quantity may in the end of 2012 or early 2013 to slow down.
SEIA said, the solar energy industry, the housing market is still very active. After two consecutive quarters of installation after falling, the last quarter of the year before the end of the us housing installation quantity rebounded, a growth of 21% last year.
      In fact, this year on domestic and international solar energy market competition under the double flank, the solar panels and inverter price significantly lower, and then drive power generation system installation costs reduced. Data showed that us housing installation cost has been from the average $6.41 watts before every drop to $6.24, and relatively strong market such as California and New Jersey, price is just for $5 / tile, or even lower.
      GTM analysts shara kahn, say, the housing market and a significant expansion of 1603 plans to take off the relationship, the plan for solar energy company investment provide more than 22 billion dollars in loans to help develop residential solar energy industry. "If not for a delay, for many large will affect public utility companies, because they most want to count on the plan of the subsidies to continue to develop the business." He said.
      SEIA chairman RON ray was also revealed: "the solar energy industry needs a stable government policy, in which a company can based on more boldly go the solar industry. For the sustainable development, create more jobs, we hope to extend the term of 1603 plan."
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