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Solar street lamps to light up the cold water jiang new rural areas

      December 22,, in the evening, as the light turned dark, cold water jiang three pointed in the village of stone runnel town 30 lamp that solar street lamps solar heater to light, lit up the night of the villagers to the journey. In the new rural construction, stone runnel village this low carbon environmental protection of life, are cold water of river in rural promotes gradually.
      In 2011, new rural construction as an opportunity, the cold water jiang rural energy construction and change of rural health environmental photograph union, promotion and enhancement of new energy village combination to in the vast rural construction low carbon energy utilization of ecological system. Through the rural network transformation, and actively promote solar street lamps construction, according to the financial allowance, villages and solar energy towns, the form of is to form a complete set, the energy department is responsible for the villages made to the planning, construction, technology, brand, the choice of guidance. At the same time, cold water JiangJianLi 17 grassroots new energy service network, and is responsible for the villages made new energy construction, application training guidance, on all the work for the whole tracking, service and supervision, and ensure that new energy efficient, safe and orderly use. In cold water jiang, new energy has become an important vehicle for rural production and life.
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