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Urban commercial to the underground extensions

      When a city business to underground extensions, what will become of the city? In land resources, to the underground space to will become an important way of the development of the commercial economy. Internationally, development and utilization of urban underground space resource, is an important content of the construction of modern city and the development direction. Europe and the United States and Japan and other developed countries in this respect started early, large scale, accumulate a lot of useful experience.
      Foreign underground space development and use widely
      Underground foot path, connected to the 350 a big buildings
      The North America to the United States and Canada though vast land, but because of the highly centralized city, city contradictions still very sharp. The New York city extend in all directions from the influence of climate underground foot path system, solves the problem of shunt people, cars and shorten the subway and bus from the transfer, but at the same time, subway station and the large public activity center from underpass joined up.
      The typical Rockefeller center underground foot path system, in ten blocks, within the scope of the major large public buildings in underground joined up. The southern city of Dallas, building a foot path article 29 of the impact of high temperature summer from underground foot path system, the main public buildings and the activity center in underground connected, combining underground foot path system also has a fairly large, the 4.5 km, connected to the 350 a big buildings.
      In addition, the United States underground single building design in schools, libraries, office,   experimental center, industrial building and works well. On the one hand better meet the characteristics of underground function requirement, and at the same time, reasonable solve the combination of old and new buildings, and for the ground created the open space. Such as the south Minneapolis in the business center of public library, Harvard University underground, the university of California at Berkeley, university of Michigan, university of Illinois underground, half of the place such as the underground library to better solve the contact with the original museum of the campus and save the original face. Downtown San Francisco leaves Papua solid of the district conference &exhibition center Connie underground holmes of the ground, and keep the city only to save of open space, build a park.
      A beautiful environment, also have a garden and underground water fountain
      Canada's Toronto and Montreal, also have the very developed underground foot path system, with its huge size, convenient traffic and comprehensive service facilities and beautiful environment reputation, guarantee the long winter there in all kinds of business climate, culture and other affairs of the exchange activities.
      Toronto underground foot path system in the solar heater 1970 s have four block wide, nine blocks long, in underground connecting a parking lot, a lot of 20 hotel, the cinema, shopping centers and 1000 or so all kinds of stores. In addition, are also connected to the city hall, the federal railway station, securities exchanges, and five subway station and 30 a high-rise buildings in the basement. The system arrangement of several garden and fountain, there were more than 100 ground entrances.
North American cities underground foot path system, suggests that the central zone of the big city construction underground foot path system, can improve the traffic, saving land, improve the environment, ensure the bad weather the city's prosperity, but also provide the conditions for urban disaster prevention. Their experience is a perfect plan, design to advanced, strict management, including the important question is safety and disaster prevention, the system, the bigger the problem is more outstanding, must be paid enough attention. Channel should have a sufficient number of inward and outward and enough width, avoid turning too much, and should set clear guide sign.
Air quality, the ground as required
      Japan has a small territory, city land nervous. In 1930, Japan Tokyo's ueno railway station underground channels open business counter walk on both sides formed "underground street's end". So far, underground street already from the pure commercial properties include a variety of the evolution of the function of the city, transportation, commercial and other facilities composed of interdependent underground complex. Underground street scale more and more big, the quality of design more and more high, anti-disaster ability is more and more strong, at the same time in the legislation, planning, design and management has formed a more perfect underground street development and utilization system.
      Japan underground street forms into street type, solar energy square and complex type, the scale and the size of the shop in size and number is different divided into small (3000 square meters, the shop less than 50), medium (3000 ─ 10000 square meters, 50 ─ 100 stores), a large (10000 square meters, more than 100 shops). According to statistics, Japan has at least in 26 cities built in underground street in 146, and the number of underground street, at 12 million, national accounts for one 9 of the total. In 1981, the Japanese national underground common space chief 156.6 km, at present, there are 526 kilometers.
Japan more attention of the underground space environment design, whether commercial street or on foot way, in the air quality, lighting and the design of the building sketch reached the earth and space environment quality. In the underground high-speed road, parking lot, common ditch, PaiHong and water storage underground rivers and underground thermal power plant, water storage tank of melting snow and disaster prevention facilities and municipal facilities, Japan give full play to the role of the underground space.
       To protect the Louvre former appearance, the use of underground space completed modernized transformation
      The Paris of underground space for the protection of historical and cultural landscape made outstanding contribution. In the center of the Louvre in Paris is world famous palace, no expansion in land, the original classical architecture must remain to be expanded requirements of the situation, designers use palace building surrounded by the square of Aaron and under the underground space for all the content, in order to solve the daylighting and entrances decorate, in the middle of the square and set up on both sides of the three sizes cone shaped glass skylight, successfully in classical buildings modernize transformation. The columns of the Paris region is the old city, o · again full use of underground space development model, put a heavy traffic food trading and wholesale center transformed into a multi-functional mainly in green space public activities square, and at the same time, to business, entertainment, traffic, sports and so on many kinds of function arrangement in the square of underground space, forming a large underground complex. This complex total 4 layers, with a total area of more than 200000 square meters.
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