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New energy to force chuzhou industry high-end

    Located in the huaihe river watershed chuzhou, is neither linhai, and not located in the northwest, northeast China and other wind resource abundance, but miraculously become the first major in anhui province low speed wind power base, provincial green lighting industry base, provincial silicon can industry base, new energy is lead chuzhou industry accelerate high-end.
Inland to blow "wind" hurricane
    In may this year, the total investment of nearly 10 billion yuan, plans to build 1.1 million kilowatts of the LongYuan guodian to Ann wind farm (200000 kw) completed project shows that China's first big low wind speed wind farms built official, also ended as inland province anhui province is the history of the wind power. The power of the Internet in wind farms 400 million kilowatt-hours, 410000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, sulfur dioxide, 1500 tons.
    Recently, the reporter on LongYuan to Ann ZhuKongTai wind farms looked out on, see rolling hills about the room full of face breeze let wind power generators, slowly rotating huge wind leaf in the afterglow of smooth shadow folding, let a person can't help exclamation of the miracle of nature is magic. At the scene, personnel of technology of company told reporters, to Ann wind 200000 kw 132 units already up and running, by the end of November, wind power plant has power to put more than 200 million KWH.
    As LongYuan wind power company offices, solar heater the wind power industry and chuzhou wind. The bright light of tianchang city, under the city for four counties wind power projects are expected to start construction before the end; New energy companies, such as the datang group four power investment enterprise respectively with the relevant county, city, district signed wind development cooperation agreement. In the wind power equipment manufacturing, chuzhou already successful global the first introduced a wind development low speed wind generators enterprise jiangyin vision energy company, plans to invest 2 billion yuan in chuzhou demonstration garden construction perspective on low carbon industrial park, planning 1 square kilometers, with annual capacity of 1.5 mw wind power on the new power generation unit 350 hosts production base, has established in chuzhou sales company. At the same time, the introduction of Denmark, Germany core spare parts manufacturing enterprise, is expected to "1025" will be formed at the end of the 5 billion yuan of annual production capacity.
Solar pv cluster energy
    September this year, LaiAnXian was China's new energy industry development conference as "China's new energy industry counties", this is the county develop green energy industry gratifying achievements. In LaiAnXian economic development zone provincial silicon can industry base, the county, the county party committee of the propaganda minister ZhangYaBin tells a reporter, current here has introduced enterprise 11, the green energy silicon valley prototype previews, has "the first piece of eastern," said the silicon can leading enterprise anhui super power and the forest science and technology Co., LTD, this year can realize gross industrial output value of nearly 1.2 billion yuan, sales income is 1 billion yuan RMB, the leading photovoltaic industry in anhui province.
    According to the national development and reform commission of chuzhou energy bureau deputy director stone day firm introduction, new energy industrial agglomeration of chuzhou has been revealed, and this year can be realized in the city is expected to new energy output value 8 billion yuan, up 40%, among them, only reached 5 billion yuan (pv), up 25%. Economic and technology development zone of chuzhou to solar energy, green lighting as the key point, has a green lighting industrial park and the national electronic devices and green lighting products quality supervision and inspection center; With solar energy, new tianchang city power battery energy storage and energy as the key point, is the only one in the province of high technology photovoltaic industry base; LaiAnXian to solar energy as the key point, is the only provincial silicon province can industry base.
    At present, the new energy fields of chuzhou enterprise research and development center with more than 20 home. Super power and hefei university of technology cooperation to build national ministry of education photovoltaic system engineering research center; Tecon group built days kang of lithium battery equipment institute of technology, the successful independent research and new standard lithium ion battery materials. Advantage industry chain is forming, solar photovoltaic field of chuzhou, already formed basically covers ingot, solar cells in polysilicon, and photovoltaic, such as glass, a complete industry chain. The solar-thermal field from quartz sand, high high-borosilicate glass blank tube started to downstream of the glass vacuum heat-collecting tube, the solar energy water heater and outspread, are forming the solar-thermal all the industrial chain.
    A reporter to interview that already settled in chuzhou shenzhen hao DE invest 5.5 billion yuan to build the third generation solar CIGS solar demonstration garden project also are busy on the early work of construction. After the completion of the project will form annual production capacity of 300 megawatts (mw), this is the introduction of Germany advanced technology of the third generation solar project, marked the solar industry will further towards chuzhou high-end.
Green lighting "light" new energy industry
    In recent years, domestic and foreign market demand,solar energy lighting industry market room is wide, green lighting industry of chuzhou in golden development. Chuzhou green lighting industry top-down formed the upstream of the quartz sand mining, glass production, electronic material processing and specialized equipment manufacture, middle of the electric light source development, lamps, electronic accessories and lighting processing control device manufacturing, and the after-sale service and mold, hardware, cable peripheral related products production, etc. The planning and construction of chuzhou 12 square kilometers of green lighting industrial park, 2010 output value of nearly 200 million yuan, has initially formed LED lamps and lighting industry electrical accessory, electric device industry cluster.
Insiders, the development of chuzhou, already has a new energy industry advantages and foundation, the specific performance development speed, great market potential, already formed bigger scale of the industry, extending industry chain and photovoltaic glass and other supporting industries; Have high quality quartz sand resources, wind energy resources, raw materials and other supporting industries biomass; Located in the country's most developed photovoltaic industry area, can easily enjoy long triangle of new energy industry technology, talent spillover effect and information, testing and certification service platform.
    Leaders of chuzhou, said the new energy industry as a strategic new industry chuzhou leading industry, also is the anhui province government, as the "1025" of chuzhou during the only key support of the industry, has energy as a new chuzhou first industrial support development. In recent years, set up the strategic chuzhou emerging industry development direct funds to discount and guarantee, form a complete set, prize fill forms, such key support new energy and industrial technology research and development, the strategic new key technology industrialization, major project investment promotion, etc.; The strong impetus function to new energy big enterprise big project, and give reply to the priority of industrial land planning, a certain period of preferential tax cuts and other policies, promote newThe new energy enterprise bigger and stronger.
    "1025" development planning of chuzhou clearly described the new energy development blueprint, adhere to the industrial policies and the market demand as the guide, industrialization, and scale, high and new technology into a target, speed up the construction of a batch of innovation ability strong, flexible mechanism of the development platform, hard to cultivate the industry chain, clusters of perfect advantage prominent industrial base, through the 5 to 8 years of hard work, the city's new energy industrial output value reached 100 billion yuan, and strive to make new energy industry has become a leading the city's rapid economic development main growth pole, built the main and the national important new energy industry base
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