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Juye: "turn" the industrial county "tune" the blue sky

Juye County, transfer mode, adjust the structure of the main line, economic development and efforts to solve the contradiction between resource constraints, strike out the outstanding problems of environmental pollution control, energy conservation and promote environmental protection out of an environmental protection to help the development of "low carbon" way to promote "society" building to a new level.

Reporters Bi Ran: "I was holding a giant Coke Ming type type type of clean fresh-baked coke, the hardness of this product is very large, up to 1100 degrees combustion value, while the production of its raw material turned out to be an abandoned coal and cinder. "

Coal Industrial Park is the county focus on building the pillar industry gathering, Ming-Ju Park, the leading type of coke as has invested 60 million yuan building a gas pipeline and high-temperature waste heat project, the county has become a win-win economic and environmental benefits of a model.

Ming-type giant Coke Co. Coke director Li Dongdong: "not only increased efficiency, lower production costs, but also to achieve thesolar heater  maximization of resource utilization."

Reporters Bi Ran: "I was sitting next to King Kong Chemical invested 5 million yuan on a new sewage treatment system, the pool of yellow water are those generated by the production process waste water, they go through treatment after more than ten working procedure to achieve irrigation farmland standards. "

In the benzene process, King Kong Chemical production requires a lot of water will produce a lot of water, for independent research and development of urban sewage treatment sludge reduction system, will extend from industry to agriculture, water, living in many fields, sewage treatment to achieve a revolution.

Gold in Hong Kong Chemical Co., Ltd. Vice President Wang Nai Wang: "In particular, treatment of this one, we have built a sewage treatment pond, this one we have on the desulfurization desulfurization section, to emission standards for it to reach an annual capacity of 300-500 tons, dealt with later, or recycle, do not efflux. "

This year, focus on the development of high-end Juye new industries, more attention to transform and upgrade traditional industries, environmental protection, energy conservation, etc., take advantage of preferential policies and special support fund, focused grasp the technological transformation of enterprises, industrial restructuring, accelerate  solar energy the development of solar, wind, bio-medicine and other strategic emerging industries, and strive to the county this year yuan GDP energy consumption fell 1.32%, 50 key energy companies to achieve energy savings 100,000 tons of standard coal, new energy alternative to conventional energy sources to achieve up to 50 tons of standard coal, accounting for the county share of energy consumption is about 16%.

Up to now, the cumulative Juye cement kiln production line shut down 23, five small businesses 89 and eliminate backward production capacity of 2.35 million tons.The first three quarters, the county realized a GDP of 10.55 billion yuan, up 16.6%; 1-10 months to complete the local fiscal revenue 1.01 billion yuan, an increase of 36.32%. Various economic indicators continue to maintain a rapid growth m


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