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Why Install Solar Shingles?

We all know that by using solar energy from solar heater can help us preserve the earth resources and use the energy itself efficiently. If we’re already using solar energy, we usually used a solar panel as a tool to do so. However, in this article we want to recommend you other alternative that is better than solar panel, which is called the solar shingles. There are two basic advantages of the solar shingles; first, solar shingles are placed on the entire roof so practically it’ll produce more energy. Second, solar shingles have better aesthetics than the old solar panels, so they’re likely to be accepted in your neighborhood.

These shingles are design like a regular shingles so they can be installed by regular roofers too. But, after done installing on your house, you’ll need an electrician to wire the units together and connect them to our home electrical system.

Even if you’re currently using the solar energy to run you house’s electricity, you don’t have to use the local grid service. Think of the local grid as your backup just in case after the sundown and rainy days. But if you’re living in such a sunny region, local grid may not necessary for you. However, by using solar shingles it perhaps help you to sell the surplus energy into the grid. Too put it simple, by using solar shingles you can save up more money or spent less money depends on the amount of sunlight in your region and the price of electricity in your area.

Anyway installing the solar singles still have to be reconsidered since it still has its own pros and cons. They are easy to install, cheaper than a regular solar panel, and the looks good on the outside. In the contrary, these solar shingles are still less efficient than solar panels, they tend to be more expensive especially if you have a big roof on your house, and it can be hard for you to find a professional that is able to install the solar shingles neatly and effectively.

Now, we’re about to discuss some things that you have to know when you’re making a plan for using the solar shingles. We know that somehow solar shingles are better than the traditional solar panels. But, installing solar shingles need a well-baked plan especially when you’re wiring your solar shingles. You need to know that solar shingles not only look good, but it take less effort to install rather than installing a conventional solar panels. Solar panels are usually installed by stacking racks to be installed on the roof, meanwhile solar shingles are only attached directly into the roof. There are also several thought that may be considered by solar shingles user; the layout of your roof, the number of solar shingles that you need to cover all the electricity in the house, and also how the wires will be routed to your power control panel. Make sure that your house is really capable of using the solar shingles, because unprepared decision to use solar shingles will only put your money to waste, and be sure to ask some professional advice about how to install solar shingles on your house properly.

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