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       As the impact of global warming become increasingly evident, energy conservation and renewable energy development and utilization is becoming a global consensus, solar heater have significant energy saving effect, get a lot of state support and encouragement.
United Kingdom: home users to install solar water heaters will be up to 400 pounds or the equivalent of 30% water heater installation cost subsidies.
       Spain: According to the "National Building Technology Act", mandatory for all new water supply system construction and transformation of existing buildings and swimming pools are required to install solar water heaters require 30% -70% of the guaranteed rate of solar energy use. The goal is to have solar water heaters installed over 4,900,000 square meters in 2010.
       Germany: solar domestic hot water collector area of 200 square meters grant € 54.6; heating / water heating collector dual function, 200 square meters subsidies at 70.2 euros; to expand the original collector area, per € 48 increase in one square meter and other subsidies.
       Japan: Tokyo, Hokkaido, Osaka and other prefectures restart the 19 new solar heater consumer subsidies. Tokyo, 9,000 yen / square meter; Hokkaido household installation of solar water heater, water heater subsidy amount for the purchase and installation costs of 10%, maximum 100,000 yen; in Osaka, a solar water heater subsidy 30,000 yen and so on.
       United States: the installation of solar water heaters, water heaters, households will be installed up to 30% of the cost of the personal income tax credit. Hawaii, California, Florida, North Carolina and other local governments, offering incentives to limit heating, burning hot to use, promote solar water heaters, replacement of local bills and tax incentives, the power company to install and provide subsidies. In Hawaii, the installation of solar water heaters, households will receive a one-time 1000 U.S. dollars to subsidize the power companies; in California will receive 1500 U.S. dollars of subsidies; in Florida, the subsidy amount of 400-800 dollars. In 2008, Hawaii Governor also signed the obligation of solar water heater bill will be new buildings to install solar water heaters as a legal obligation.
       Australia: provides a place in the meet installation conditions, mandatory installation of solar water heaters to replace non-renewable energy water heating. By way of tax rebates and subsidies for solar water heaters installed on giving subsidies.




Author: Haining City, New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Sang Chao
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