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"Appliances to the countryside" policy for solar thermal business opportunities.

      According to the China Solar Thermal network reported: those who may be the world Central Plains. Solar water heater with the "home appliances to the countryside" in pushing for the rural market has a large solar water heater enterprises in Henan have become indisputable points a piece. The birth of the solar energy industry in our province's early, but, unfortunately, is not much to support local businesses and brands of solar industry.

      "Appliances to the countryside" opportunities
As a big agricultural province, and most populated province, with the solar heater included in the "home appliances to the countryside" policy scope of subsidies, many factories competing to compete Henan market.

       This year in April, for the first time been included in the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce to develop a "home appliances to the countryside" policy to subsidize the beginning range of solar water heater evaluation. May 14, officially announced the brand and model of solar home appliances to the countryside. According to the published list of successful enterprises and model statistics, the 92 winning companies in 71 regions in Henan Province won the bid, 806 bid models, there are 725 areas in Henan Province won the bid.

      "Successful brands and models, and Henan in the country first." Great Roof and the U.S. Center for International Studies, said the brand launch reflects the company marketing the regional target market, while reflecting the current market, the National Solar Thermal hot and cold conditions and layout, these data indicate that Henan is China's largest solar water heater market demand.

      It is understood that in 2008 the total water heater solar water heater market share is 50.8%, gas, electric water heater share of 49.2%. Start with the appliances to the countryside, this share will continue to grow. 

      Solar heater is one of the few industries in the world with independent intellectual property rights. In 2008, China's solar thermal market holdings have more than 100 million square meters, accounting for 76% of the world, industry internal force Norit, Huang Ming, Mu songs, four seasons leading enterprises have the ability to market expansion in other countries.

      Marketing experts Houda Lei pointed out that the solar water heater immeasurable opportunities to rural areas, only 13% of the financial subsidies to companies limited by cost effectively ease sales pressure not lower prices, it is important in rural areas can be expected with the scale of the potential purchase of solar energy water heater to the countryside than in urban stores with low profit not too long, you can take this opportunity to lay out the rural market beachhead.

      "Shuffle the rural market has become a new stadium." Industry sources said that at present, the rural market capacity has exceeded 60% of industrial scale, while the increment from the rural market has been in the industry nearly 70% increments. Who should occupy the rural market, who have a first advantage.

      Early distribution of Henan
In the new round of solar water heater market in Henan before the battle started, a production base on the layout of Henan water heater has started.

      As early as July 11, 2008, a Sino-German joint venture background solar power Norit signed on with the Henan Provincial Government building solar energy production base in Henan agreement, which is power Norit technology and production line following the output to Cuba after The second large-scale industrial expansion initiatives. Industry leading brands of high-profile attack, also opened up the brand in the prelude to the expansion of Henan.

      March 10 this year, a total investment of 350 million yuan, annual output of 400,000 units Puyang base heater power Norit first product off the assembly line. Reaffirming that the civilizational force Norit general manager, said power Norit Puyang base synchronization with the advanced production line in Germany, while replication capacity Norit advanced production and management experience, the annual output value will reach 600 million yuan. This is the stretch force Norit Henan solar industry chain, an important measure of intensive production patterns, which drive the development of the national solar energy industry will have a positive impact.

      Coincidentally. This year in April, the government Luolong District, Luoyang and Beijing Four Seasons Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. signed Mu Song, a total investment of 450 million yuan of the solar water heater production base settled in Luoyang, which is the current solar thermal industry in our province's largest investment a project.

      According to reports, the production base is completed, will form one million solar-powered water heaters, 15 million high borosilicate all-glass vacuum collector tube, 80,000 tons of vacuum collector useful borosilicate glass tube production capacity, annual output value of 3 billion Yuan, profit and tax 450 million yuan.

      Why giant solar water heater manufacturers competing Henan layout? Power Norit Zhengzhou Center for Wei Ying marketing offerings that rich solar energy resources in China, especially in the central region has abundant resources. "Central Plains bidder was the world", and Henan provinces in central solar thermal market has become one of the largest consumer market, about 60 billion per year market share and become major brands contested.

      In fact, not only the solar energy consumption in Henan province, is also a solar energy supply of raw materials province. Henan, Shandong Linuo Group set up solar material base for 10-year history, the production of borosilicate glass occupy half of the entire China market, based in Puyang's "Marino Sun" has also become the only solar thermal Shanghai Stock Exchange Listed companies in China now is one of the largest solar origin of raw materials, worthy of being called China's raw material supply solar thermal field in the heart.
      "Luoyang good location to radiation Southwest, Northwest Territories, which is to select one of the reasons in the Luoyang plant." President of Four Seasons songs Mu Li Jun said. 

      It is understood that solar water heaters the competitiveness of enterprises have been moved from a price war to the cost of war Zhuan Yi, full use of regional accessories industry advantage, reduce procurement costs and shorten the logistics of distance and time, as many solar water heater companies a common choice, Henan location advantage It is important to attract solar companies to come to reason.
      Response to local brands
The solar water heater from home appliances to the countryside in Henan Province winning the 71 manufacturers of view, from the Henan Province, local manufacturers have only two children were warm Solar Co., Ltd. Kaifeng Fu and Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Henan fly.

      Henan local brands present position in the solar water heater industry is evident.

However, the Henan use of solar thermal start and too late. Back in July 1975, the former State Planning Commission and the Chinese Academy of Sciences held in Anyang, "National solar energy experience exchange."

      "Solar stoves of Henan Province and the tube axis theory of two-barrel before the invention of the Civil invention solar water heater technology, new energy in the field was made great achievements and the formation of a certain size ... ..." director of Henan Institute of Renewable Energy Long Quan-Guo Zhang said.

      It was explained that solar water heater technology for civilian principle of double-barrel is relatively simple, the selected material is cheaper, it was well spread in Henan province, but later a large number of vacuum tube products to market, in the vacuum tube collector efficiency products and a far cry from the last gradually been replaced.

      In other words, solar vacuum tube era, when the country's solar water heater manufacturers have mushroomed during the rise of stronger, because the technology behind the enterprise in Henan and downhill. So far, Henan, recognized as the industry consumption of solar water heaters province, but not a national top-ranking companies to self-sufficiency. 

      Analyze the causes, Quan-Guo Zhang said, from an objective perspective, the economic development of Henan Province is a province, there are some lack of funds; from the subjective side, the local people's sense of innovation is not strong, there is no time to realize that products of science technology dependence. In addition, the industry practitioners business philosophy there are some, there is no long-term view, not strict in the quality of products above.

      Fortunately, a number of new home solar water heater manufacturers are catching up. "At present, solar water heater companies across the province, three 40." Zheng says Jiang Zhenhai, general manager of a large solar energy. 

      Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Cheng large production of solar water heaters since 2003. "Last year, the country had an opportunity to expand, but in the end decided to deep plowing Henan market." Jiang Zhenhai said, "Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places in the market has become saturated, Henan is a great opportunity."

      Set up last year's Henan Mizuki Solar Equipment Co., Ltd., also located in the province development plans in the province this year, 100 cities and counties to establish distribution centers, 1,000 townships to establish monopoly point.

      Mizuki Solar Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., said head of Bo, solar water heater depends mainly on the installation and after-sales service, agents, motivated by profit may change frequently, there is no guarantee after sale. "Local solar water heater manufacturers, due to be local, after-sales service is guaranteed, vulnerable consumer confidence, which is the advantage of local enterprises in Henan."

      An industry source said the successful tenderer solar water heater to the countryside, just one more pass, no trump card in the enterprise, excellent company will be proficient in technology, hard on quality. 

      Can be expected that with the "home appliances to the countryside", the residents will be more receptive to solar water heaters, on the local enterprises, may be an opportunity.

      "Appliances to the countryside" policy to the solar thermal business opportunities.




Author: Haining City, New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Sang Chao
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