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How to choose a qualified forwarder?

How to choose a qualified forwarder? As a saying going: The bigger the forest is, the more birds it will have.
Therefore, different forwarder agency has different staffs. This leads to the importance of the forwarder selection.

The solar energy is a new industry in today? China, and so many companies have already realized this is
a potential industry,but when something going quickly, it will going bad, this is called: Quantity will change the quality.
So we must do some other things to let the customer think we are the special. We can call it our glittering star.
So the selection of the forwarder becomes the first step. A good forwarder decides if the customer can receive
their goods opportunely, and there is no need to do so many things by themselves. However, how can we chose
a great forwarder to ship the goods well? I think there are several reasons to select the forwarder;

First: If the forwarder has many successful experiences in transporting the solar energy to the foreign countries,
and how many countries?

Second: If the price is reasonable and also reasonable for the customers.

Third: The reputation of the forwarder.

Fourth: The payment term of the forwarder, it offers B/L before the payment or after the payment.

Fifth: If the forwarder agency is big enough to solve the urgent issues, and if there is some foreign
agency belong to them can help the customers to solve the questions.

All the above points are very crucial, perhaps there will be a lot of points, but the above are the key,
we have to consider them first. Without a doubt, when we do in the Actual operation, we must consider more than this,
Plan cannot keep up with changes in the life, we have to catch the steps.


Author: Haining City, New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Sang Chao
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