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Current global warming and energy supply security has become the world's major strategic issues of common concern. With China's rapid economic growth, energy resources and the environment has become a serious constraint to economic development. In the new situation, China as a world energy producer and consumer countries, developing and using clean energy, including renewable energy is the energy strategy, the inevitable choice. According to "renewable energy and long-term development plan," the Chinese government will strive to make renewable energy by 2020 energy consumption to 15% of total consumption, and to develop strong incentives to promote renewable energy development and utilization. After the Copenhagen meeting, China promulgated the revised "Renewable Energy Law," clearly state the full implementation of renewable energy security of the acquisition system and the establishment of renewable energy development fund for renewable energy development "green light "renewable energy industry offers tremendous opportunities.

• Clean Energy Expo China International Solar World (Clean Energy Expo China • solar energy) of the Office, is to meet our current needs, accelerate the adjustment of energy structure, actively develop new energy, renewable energy, low-carbon energy, build stability, economic , clean, safe energy supply system to energy security and sustainable development of economic and social sustainable development. Solar energy exhibition and conference will combine the world, bringing together the owners of solar energy, manufacturing enterprises, experts and government agencies, investment and financing sector, the development and utilization of solar energy, sustainable development, a hot topic. Power industry in the hair, the application of new energy technologies, an important responsibility, China Electricity Council Zuoweihangye buyers Yiji device users active representatives to the Joint Quanqiu trade representatives as well as professional exhibition Gongsi, will become a world solar world Dazao professional model.

Prospects for the world and domestic solar
In recent years, in order to achieve the sustainable development of energy and environment, the world will focus on the development of photovoltaic power generation as. Support of Governments, the photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly in recent years, solar cell and module production of 10 annual growth rate of 33%, last 5-year average annual growth rate of 43%. In the long run, solar photovoltaic power generation and energy supply will become the world's main body. According to the European JRC forecasts to 2030 for renewable energy in total energy mix in the account for more than 30%, solar photovoltaic power in the world's total supply of more than 10%.
China has abundant solar resources, solar energy resource-rich areas accounted for 96% of China's land area. With the same latitude as compared to other countries, China and the United States similar to the solar energy resources, than in Europe, Japan, be superior. In China, the North's solar energy resource is obviously more than the South. Chinese province of solar energy resources, including Tibet, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning, Jilin, Guangdong, mostly in the north.
With rural electrification, urban architecture and grid-connected PV system applications, and large-scale photovoltaic power plant development and application of desertification, the Chinese PV market will show rapid growth, by 2020, photovoltaic electricity will reach 1.8 million total kW.

From government and industry department's strong support
Solar energy in the world by the China Electricity Council, Cologne, Germany, and China International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch of the International Trade Promotion Committee work together to build the three organizers, will have higher cohesion. China Electricity Power Industry Association is the national organization of joint enterprises, in their respective units 14, chairman of the power industry is the leading domestic energy companies, as a support unit of solar energy in the world, this exhibition will lay the cornerstone of our success.
December 2009, Cologne, Beijing mayors exchange of two letters, agreement will CEEC cooperation projects as the two cities to give support. At the same time, CEEC as a clean energy conferences and exhibitions, will be included in "Green Beijing" project. In addition, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), China Resources Comprehensive Utilization of Resources Committee on Energy Industry Association (ESCA), the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) and other agencies will give strong support to CEEC.

Integration of Wind Power Asia's brand and resources
"Solar world", and Asian Wind Energy Conference and International Wind Energy Exhibition (WindPower Asia, referred to as WPA) as an integral part of the CEEC will be held with the same period. WPA was created in 2003, the Cologne exhibition in 2008, shares the exhibition. Currently, WPA has become Asia's biggest and most influential trade show in the wind industry. WPA 2009 attracted 445 exhibitors from 43 countries and regions of 15,065 professional visitors. Wind Power Asia will be "solar world" provides a useful extension and complement with each other, sharing resources, to better serve exhibitors and visitors. WPA key audience groups, including power companies, energy development companies, investment companies, wind power companies, energy technology development company, Electric Power Design Institute, traders, distributors, equipment manufacturers, government agencies, trade associations, engineering and technical personnel . A large part of the audience from the clean energy industry, is the solar energy world audiences. Held over the same period, will enable the audience during a visit to an overview of the latest developments in new energy industries, to achieve the effect of one-stop shopping, more substantial one.




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